Admissions Process

The admissions procedure is as follows:

  1. Young persons, families and/or Local Authority Education case workers are welcome to visit Pathways or participate in an initial conversation with the Pathways Lead.

  2. Once an official request has been made, Pathways will ask for relevant documentation and/or Education Health Care plans from the relevant Local Authority.

  3. We will then review the documents and information gathered from the initial enquiry to determine whether the provision is suitable for the child.  Documentation required may include:


  4. An appropriate member of staff is involved if there are any social care issues, if the child is Looked After (LAC) or if there are any Safeguarding or Child Protection (CP) concerns.

  5. The Head will liaise with office staff and care coordinator about student and any special arrangements i.e. Therapy offers, to ensure that they can be met.

  6. Recommendation as to whether Pathways is able to meet needs based on EHCP reports and Annual Reviews is made to the Head Teacher who refers the decision to relevant LA. 

  7. Once the documentation has been reviewed, and any follow up information sourced and considered, families will be informed within 10 working days whether we feel the Pathways’ structure can potentially meet the needs and deliver outcomes. 

  8. The Pathways Lead will negotiate the appropriate start date with the Case Officer.  

  9. Pathways will contact LA and family to arrange a visit to the school or home visit if deemed appropriate as to the needs of the young person and family.

  10. Please note, at this point that some young people need a transition support plan to help them assimilate to life at Pathways based on the young person's needs.  It is adjusted as time goes on because some young people assimilate more quickly or more slowly than they originally thought. If a place is offered, consideration will be given to the next step, which might include:


  11. Once a start date has been determined the parents/carers will need to arrange transport with the relevant council. This can take 10 days with some councils.

  12. We will request a completed referral form from the council, CTF and young person files from the young person’s previous school, and we will require parents/carers and young people to complete registration forms, create an account on our School Management System, and provide consent for activities/trips/medication/etc.

  13. Meanwhile we will be working on a bespoke personalised journey plan for the young person to ensure their start with Pathways is as successful as possible and that their future destinations are identified as soon as appropriate.  

  14. Within the first week of admission into Pathways Studio, each new young person will receive their necessary resources.

  15. Regular home-school communication plays an important part in ensuring all pupils make progress at Pathways. Staff and parents are encouraged to use phone, text, email to share news and information and via our school website.

  • the pupil's EHC plan

  • all relevant medical information

  • any reports from the pupil's previous school

  • any reports from other professionals who have been involved with the child

  • trial visit for agreed time

  • assessment placement which can, in some cases, be up to 12 weeks

  • dual roll placement for agreed days and timespan

  • or full time placement

Teacher and Student