Enterprise College Curriculum

The learner's journey

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The social enterprise curriculum

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Our digital course is designed to guide students in developing a marketable product or business. Learners will progress at their own pace to build their experience and understanding in designing and operating a sustainable and ethical small business and develop transferable skills for all areas of your life. Students can even receive funding to launch their own enterprise! The programme is designed for self-determined learning; where learners will have independence and agency in their learning to achieve a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

The development curriculum

This course is designed to guide learners in the development of self-agency, self-regulation, physiological and mental wellbeing. Through building secure and trusting relationships with staff and peers, students explore and develop their physiological regulation, flexibility in thinking about themselves and the world and their social connection with others. Learners are provided with rich opportunities to apply their skills and learning to wider aspects of their life.

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The industry curriculums

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The Coffee Shop

This programme provides a range of practical work experience covering all aspects of working within the coffee shop industry. The aim of this programme is to empower learners to build professional barista skills and coffee shop expertise. Customer service training allows students to apply their learning to their social enterprise and pursue their employment aspirations. This programme contains opportunities for industry recognised qualifications including Food and Hygiene and Hospitality and Catering which evidence the strong foundational knowledge learners will gain.

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The Bike Shop*

Learners will be guided by our expert staff through our bike mechanic programme to develop their technique and competence in diagnosing and repairing bicycles and work towards industry recognised qualifications. Through this programme learners will develop diagnostic and problem-solving skills, a practical knowledge and understanding of bike mechanics as well as the technical management of bike restoration and repairs alongside employability skills. Seeing how bike shops work and are managed will support learners next steps. *The Bike Shop is currently at our Park Royal site only with plans to extend to Surrey.

Overview of our offer



  • TOMS = Therapy Outcome Measures

  • RARPA = Recognising & Recording Achievement & Progress

  • HRV = Heart Rate Variability

  • ECHP = Education, Health and Care Plan