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Curriculum map

Second year

It is our aim to ensure students have access to a rich, deep and meaningful curriculum. Our curriculum is not static. It evolves over time in line with our approach to curriculum design which is student-led, therefore the projects detailed below are an example of what students may choose. Students may also decide to pursue something completely different, the planning of which will be facilitated by staff as required. Curriculum design focuses on subject-specific, transferable skills with the layering of knowledge. The progression through the curriculum is reflected by the pace at which our students learn. Being mindful of this, some planned activities within Schemes of Work may continue to be taught in the following term (where appropriate). In some cases, personalised Programmes of Study are taught to cater for varying starting points, needs and abilities. The subject teacher will always be able to give a more detailed indication of where the student is in their learning and specifics of what they are working on.

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