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Admissions guidance

Our admissions process

To ensure that our curriculum is right for our students, our admissions process incorporates a range of activities for students to showcase their skills and potential as well as express their aspirations for the course.

College open day

1. Application form

Students must submit an application form to Pathways Enterprise College. This is available online and can be made available as a hard copy on request.

2. Student video
Students are invited to submit a short one-minute introduction of themselves detailing their interests, strengths, and why they want to study at Pathways . This can be in any media format the student prefers.

3. EHCP documents

On receipt of an application the Local Authority is contacted to provide the educational health and care plan information and to discuss the student’s application.

Get to know you day

4. Interview
The student is invited to an interview at Pathways Enterprise College. This is an opportunity for staff to learn more about the applicant and for the applicant and their family to visit the College, meet staff and ask questions.

5. English and maths skills

The applicant will be asked to complete some functional English and Maths tasks to gauge their skills and any support required to access the curriculum.

6. Functional assessment

The applicant will have the opportunity to complete a functional task with staff to assess their skills and abilities for practical elements of the course.

Admissions forms
Computer Learning
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