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Enterprise College Assessment

Student portfolio

Throughout the course students select their best evidence of their learning journey, feedback implementation, enterprise development and progress to be kept as part of their portfolio. This is reviewed with staff at regular intervals across the course.

Skills matricies

Skills and employment behaviours are embedded throughout the curriculums and monitored through our skills matrix. Students and staff collaborate in completing this which then guides student specific goal setting towards their target competencies.

Self-assessment and reflection

Students are invited to reflect on their learning and progress during each unit and project as well as feedback to their peers.

Pitching and group discussion

Students attend weekly pitch and group problem solving sessions where they receive feedback from both staff and peers as evidence of their progression throughout the course.


As part of their professional learning, students work to complete industry and vocational qualifications up to level 2 in areas such as food hygiene, enterprise and hospitality. Students have the opportunity to incorporate other professional qualifications into their learning programme as appropriate.

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