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Enterprise College Curriculum


1. The enterprise curriculum

The enterprise curriculum is composed of 10 units each of which last approximately two weeks and focus on a different aspect of the enterprise cycle whilst building on previous learning. There is a guided timeframe for the completion of each unit, however it is flexible to enable students to progress at their own pace with the support of their job coach to ensure quality of learning. Skills and therapy approaches

are embedded within the content throughout each unit.

Running alongside each unit are 3 overlapping projects:

  1. Project: Design

  2. Project: Marketing

  3. Project: Selling

Through these project students enhance their project management competence and draw on their learning from the enterprise, industry and personal and professional development curriculums to move their social enterprise forward.

2. The coffee curriculum

The coffee curriculum is made up of six units and occurs in partnership with the practical work experience provided in the coffee shop. Students progress with the support of their Job Coach and through an approach that suits their learning needs. Once complete, students have the option to move on to a deeper industry curriculum depending on their aspirations and course goals.

3. The bike curriculum

The bike curriculum has a heavy practical focus with students learning tool use and bike restoration and repair using a generic bike and then applying their new skills to other bike models that come into the workshop. Students then complete their project bike as part of their final assessment.

4. The personal and professional development curriculum

The personal and professional development curriculum is based on lines of development and facilitates students understanding of their basic psychological needs and their competence in meeting these needs through deepening their connection with their physiology, psychology their environment and their values.

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