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Enterprise College Timetable

Students are placed into one of three groups. This is determined by student need and student dynamics; with groupings aimed at creating the most collaborative and effective learning environment.


Groups then rotate in a three-week cycle of two weeks onsite and one week offsite with set independent learning.


The term dates follow the typical academic structure with half terms and holidays in line with the school year.


NB: 30 minutes lunch not included in count as not funded hours.

Example student timetable

Monday, Tuesday/Thursday, Friday:

Students complete rotations within their chosen industry curriculum (coffee shop - including food preparation, or bike shop):

  • Coffee shop: hourly rotations

  • Food preparation: 90-minute rotation

  • Bike shop: 2 hourly rotation.

Between industry rotations, students are working on their social enterprise which is provided through the online social enterprise curriculum.

Wednesday (cross-over day):

Each Wednesday there are two groups in college (depending on the rotation week). Wednesday

mornings are dedicated to the enterprise curriculum and comprise of a:

Peer problem solving session: Students are supported by staff to work through

problems experienced during the week either in their work experience or within

their enterprise.

  • Pitches and feedback: Students who have been onsite that week pitch their updated enterprise to the other group and receive feedback.

  • Feedback: Students who have been onsite complete a short online curriculum feedback form for quality assurance and provision development.

  • Offsite opportunity: Depending on the stage of the curriculum, students who have been onsite that week will have planned an offsite visit to gain further industry experience or a social event for the group; alternatively this time may be used for other areas of the personal and professional development curriculum.

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