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From supporting students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) seeking hands-on learning in a workplace-style setting, to creating vibrant, joyful spaces in the community where young people with needs can go and know they are accepted, sponsoring a coffee bar in a SEND school means your business is giving invaluable support to students seeking employable skills. You’re also taking proactive action to transform the current 5.1% employment rate for people with learning disabilities.

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Your sponsorship of £10,000 gifts a school:  

A bespoke coffee bar designed, built and installed with different student needs in mind,

Commercial espresso machine and grinder just like you'd find in a local coffee shop 

Fully stocked bar including coffee beans, milk, cups

Barista equipment such as milk jugs, aprons, a till, cleaning equipment - everything students
need to get true-to-life, hands-on experience

Support from a Pathways Job Coach.

Sponsor a bar
By sponsoring a Coffee at Pathways bar in a SEND school you are:  

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