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To create opportunities for young people to find

self-agency and carve pathways.

What we do

To support young people and their families with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who have disengaged or disappeared from the educational system and are unable to access appropriate education.

To encourage change in our existing systems to ensure that young people, regardless of their circumstances, aren’t left behind.

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Our Mission

Pathways Education aims to address individual needs whilst meeting the needs of the collective to foster self-development, lifelong learning and fulfilment. We are committed to socially equitable learning and employment opportunities through building connected communities that integrate diverse skills sets, values and virtues, creating a movement for entrepreneurs seeking sustainable social change.

Our Values


Our Team

Meet the Team

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Nazya Ghalib

Head Teacher

Jo Franklin

Chairman & Co-Founder

Larry Sullivan

Director & Co-Founder