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Our Approach

Our approach is about placing the young person at the front and centre of their story. We provide an environment that is comfortable and listen with empathy and care to their thoughts, needs, passions and aspirations. We recognise that our young people may associate a difficulty or challenge with a previous education setting. All the staff are committed to ensuring we provide a positive and caring environment in which young people feel appropriately supported.


As an organisation, we seek to meet the needs of young people with SEND who have disengaged or disappeared from the educational system by:

  • reconnecting and building trust with young people

  • helping build young people’s confidence so they can successfully engage fully with education, with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) that is fit for purpose

  • strengthening understanding of neurodiversity and standards of inclusive education across schools

  • driving social change to rebalance society for those with SEND.


​In our day-to-day practice:

  • We build a connection with each young person and empower them by focussing on wellbeing.

  • We teach using Trauma-informed practices and tailor learning and the school day to take into account individual Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

  • We model positive interactions forming meaningful relationships with each built on compassion and kindness.

  • We encourage peer collaboration, working around projects of interest with the teacher facilitating deeper learning.

  • We seek to equip the young people with skills and knowledge ready for 21st century living by experiencing real-world working environments and emerging technologies.

  • We inspire our young to develop a love of learning, the self-belief to take risks and the confidence to achieve anything they set their mind to.

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