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Vision, Values & Strategy

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Our vision is to create opportunities for young people to find self-agency and create pathways.​

Our Values


Our Strategy

We seek for our learners to have a sense of self-agency and empower them to make decisions around the future of their education and employment as quickly as possible. This comes from us seeking to understand the individual so we can rapidly adjust the environment, offer and community they experience at Pathways to nurture their sense of self.

Our strategy is to:

  • facilitate a spiral of opportunities and access to networks for individuals to experience their drivers and develop their capacity on their journey to their true and purposeful pathways.

  • remove ceilings to socially equitable learning and employment prospects through building connected communities through developing leaders.

  • embrace and utilise digital technologies as a strategic lever for sustainable and transformational change.

  • ensure we have a conscious community that hold true belief and seek to trust.

  • remain agile to the ever-evolving world we live in and the tools we use to achieve success.

Responding to the Challenges

Our strategy is set out in response to the following challenges:

  • Students are disengaged from a rigid system of education that struggles to flex to re-engage learners, and their need to be readied to flourish.

  • Students' prospects after their education are narrow and lack agency, meaning long-term cost to their wellbeing and the cost to support this. Only 5.9% of people with learning disabilities and autism are in full time paid employment (DFN Project SEARCH, 2021).

  • The economy is digitising, and the standard education system is not readying our learners for employment on a range of levels for 21st century living.

  • It is estimated approximately 2% of young people in England (approximately 289,000) are out of formal education (Children missing education report 2020, ISOS Partnership).

We are a socially responsible limited company that is looking to address these issues and find common purpose to work with others. We currently have one school, we seek to rapidly expand this offer so that more can succeed.

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