About our Enterprise Colleges

With sites in Park Royal and Hindhead, our unique offer leads students to develop as social entrepreneurs, bike mechanics, and coffee industry professionals with personalised opportunities for students to apply their unique strengths into sustainable roles of personal, economic and social value.


Set in a number of co-operative working space locations, Pathways Enterprise College offers a unique, environmentally and socially sustainable, coffee shop and studio learning space in the heart of the community.


We offer a cutting-edge digital curriculum which integrates functional core subjects and independent offsite study to develop work ready social entrepreneurs over a 37-week training offer in the first year (this does include offsite study, but not holidays) with tailored internship options in year 2.


Through our working spaces and digital learning platform, students develop personally and professionally to realise their potential and lead meaningful independent lives. Each student receives a highly personalised provision centred around their own aspirations to include relevant qualifications and opportunities for experience and development.


We use the profits from the coffee we sell in our shops to seed fund student enterprises. Our aim is for some of the student-led businesses to replace the supply chain to our own shops as part of a Pathways

Co-operative. After completing the course there are a range of pathways into employment as well as a

co-operative platform that hosts social enterprises and employment opportunities.

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Director of Pathways Enterprise College Network: Krupa Patel  


Pathways Enterprise College Park Royal

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