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Celebrating British Science Week

Our school is taking part in British Science Week; a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths from 11-20 March 2022.

We were lucky enough to receive a £500 grant from British Science Week to pay for some events and home science kits for our students. Check out what they've been up to...

Mon 7th March: we took part in an online sustainability workshop with educational charity SATRO and our students used recycling they collected to make a game or sculpture artwork.

Mon 14th March: Genie Lab came into Pathways to do a STEM workshop with the students. The aim of the session is to inspire to students to explore and enjoy science. The students will then carry out follow up work using equipment purchased with the grant.

Tue 15th March: school trip to Bracknell Lookout Science Centre for hands on science experiences and a workshop on Light and Sound.

Wed 16th and Thu 17th March: students will be carrying out robotic and microscope experiments at Pathways.

A truly awesome week! Take a look at some photos on our gallery page here.

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