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It's National Careers Week!

This week is National Careers Week (7th March – 12th March). The aim of the week is to support students with their plans and aspirations for their future. The NCW website has a lot of great info and useful resources for students, schools, parents and carers alike:

Students are encouraged to develop an awareness and understanding of the importance of career planning through;

  • Self Awareness (where am I now?, my strengths, my interests),

  • Career Exploration (where do I want to be in the future? What roles am I suited to?),

  • Career Management (how do I get there?).

Throughout the Pathways school year, students partake in a range of activities that are linked to these three aspects:

  • Our whole curriculum is linked to providing students with real world, community-based and enrichment opportunities which provide them with a sense of purpose.

  • We continuously support our students to build skills and knowledge that will engage and develop skills for learning and life.

  • We have dedicated lessons within PSHE that focus on Transition and the World of Work.

The leaflet linked below has further information to help discussions to continue at home between students and their families.

Download PDF • 2.95MB

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