Enterprise College Curriculum

Our intent

Mental health and wellbeing

We offer a unique curriculum with an individual’s psychological and physiological needs at it’s foundation. This curriculum then focuses on building emotional regulation, psychological flexibility, social communication, fostering relationships and finding meaning.

Inclusion and accessibility

Our Colleges are in the heart of local communities with our students at the centre of our organisation as active agents of social change. Based on universal design for learning principles, catering for all learners is at the heart of our curriculum with further bespoke adaptations implemented as needed.

Self-directed learning

Through a self-determined approach students build their social enterprise through a programme designed to empower their autonomy, build their competence and ultimately provide them with meaning and relatedness.

Personal development

Students set their own wellbeing and enterprise learning objectives based on their own goals and aspirations. These are moulded into tangible action plans and reviewed regularly throughout the course.


At the heart of our offer is agentic engagement reached through self-determination theory principles. Through this, students are given autonomy, competence, and relatedness in their learning and encouraged to set their own meaningful learning goals and learning pathways in order to flourish.

Own learning

Students have ownership over their own earning and have access to resources and multiple networks to

expand their opportunities. Students are encouraged to advocate for their choices and aspirations throughout the course and are supported to build the skills in order to do so.


Only 5% of individuals with Educational Health and Care Plans find employment. With Pathways Enterprise, students develop employment skills, industry knowledge and achieve industry-recognised qualifications to empower them to move into their chosen employment.

In conjunction with our rich network of employment and further training opportunities we provide tailored job seeking and transition support for students as they progress through our course.

We provide:

  • dedicated support to facilitate CV writing, interview preparation and job seeking support

  • one year of further support for start-ups once they have completed the course

  • host a co-operative for current and former students to trade their products

  • an alumni student mentoring scheme.