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Enterprise College Impact

Life skills

Through the variety of curricula and learning opportunities within Pathways Enterprise students will have developed a range of skills, knowledge and competencies that can be applied to all aspects of their life including independent living, self-advocacy, social communication and interaction, community access and rights and entitlements.

Professional curriculum vitae and portfolio

Students are facilitated in creating a CV to showcase their achievements, abilities and skills as well as an accompanying portfolio for prospective employers and as a record of their progress.

Multiple routes into employment

Through professional qualifications and knowledge and skills within business students will be equipped to seek the employment they want. Students will have access to and have made connections within the Pathways Enterprise Network to seek support and guidance in pursuing opportunities and their employment aspirations.

Network / community hub

As students with Pathways Education, students are part of a network of social entrepreneurs and a co-operative. After completing their course students remain as Pathways Alumni with access to ongoing support and a central community hub at the Pathways sites.

Personal growth

Students will develop their creativity, character, citizenship, collaboration, communication and critical thinking through our curriculum which will empower them to make informed life choices and provide them with the resilience, competence and confidence to flourish and live as independently as possible.

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